Who are the goats?

The Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team came about from an idea Scott Mason had to put together a nationwide, grassroots running team consisting of readers of his website that are dedicated to the sport of trail running and racing. Scott, and co-director Tim Barnes, have lined up a great group of sponsors and the team is now in its fourth year and going stronger than ever.

Are we "elite" runners being shuttled from race to race in private jets and blacked-out Cadillac Escalades?  Far from it.  We have families, jobs, and we love running and racing on trails.  24x7x365...  Simple as that.

So what kind of runners make up the team? Olga said it best …this is a team for regular folks, mid-pack (ok, there are some at the front, some aspire to be at the front and some used to be there) … The important part – we get to be who we are! The exciting engaging communicating eyes-popped-hooray trail mountain ultra junkies! … the camaraderie is amazing! Look out for us at the races and say hi, we are YOU!

We have team members in Utah, Kentucky, Arizona, California, Alabama, Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Colorado.  The ‘goats are everywhere!

Take a look at the team results and schedule. That is one serious list of races!  From Antartica to Costa Rica, the East coast to the West coast, 282' below sea level in Death Valley to 12,600' Hope Pass, and everywhere in between, the goats have been leaving their hoof prints all over the place.

We have had excellent multi-year support from our key sponsors and try to offer them unique value in being able to expose their products to a wide audience.  For instance, over the last three years, the Speed Goats have racked up over 23,000 racing miles!  Not to mention countless hours of pacing, volunteering, and race directing.  We also are in a great position to give our sponsors feedback on their products coming from a diverse group of abilities, location, age, gender, etc.

Keep an eye out for the goats and hold on for 2011.  It's going to be a great year!  Baaaah!!!